I am a very married and very happy  Electrical Engineer from Puerto Rico.  I am a statistician by education (masters in electrical and computer engineering), vocation (Have been paid in sequential  order over the last ten years  by the US government, various pharmaceuticals and  now as CTO for SportsGrid and DailyRoto to convert data into information and improvement actions)  and passion (Minitab is great for stress relief and winning fantasy leagues). I was born and live in Puerto Rico but my undergrad years were spent in Boston and I bleed Celtic green. The opinions put forth in this space are solely my own and are not those of my current or any of my previous employers.

Go to xkcd for moreAvatar images are courtesy of xkcd under a creative commons license

You can email me at ar4t@yahoo.com

Have fun and try not to hurt yourselves.

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  1. sorry to write this here but, I’m in a debate and I’m wondering where I can find the avergae numbers for the avergae NBA player (for example average rebound % for average NBA player/PF etc.)?


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