The Drilldown: Is Andrew Wiggins getting it?

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Some of you will notice that I’ve been ramping up my output.

One of the reasons for that is that I’m writing using the tools I’ve built for my own personal daily use. When someone makes a point based on a limited amount of available data I like to use my own tools and data to confirm or refute that point.

In essence, I’m going to be putting short posts together that reflect my day to day analysis.

Yes folks I am a certified grade a Geek.

The tools in this post are all based on the game based metric that I explained in detail here.

The short version is that look at all the individual stats and Rate the players from 1 to 100 based on what percentage of the league’s player’s their playing better than at their position.  I do an overall rating and four sub-rankings as follows:

  • Scorer Rating based on (Points – Field Goal Attempts – 0.5*(Free Throw Attemps ): Simple measure of how good the player is at scoring.
  • Handle Rating  based on (.5*AssistsTurnovers ): Simple measure of how good/bad a player is at handling the ball.
  • Rebounding Rating based on (Offensive Rebounds + 0.5*Defensive Rebounds) : Simple measure of how good/bad a player is at getting rebounds.
  • Defensive Rating based on (Steal + 0.5*Blocks – .5*Personal Fouls + Opponent_Difference_from_Average_WS_Production): Simple measure of how good/bad a player is at Defense.

Got it? Good if not feel free to ask questions.

Now to the point in Question: Is Andrew Wiggins in fact getting it?




There is no denying that Wiggins has been terrible for the balance of the season. He’s also 19 years old playing a ridiculous amount of minutes on a terrible team. His overall performance has been perfectly understandable. His last few games however may be something else.

Young players make leaps. Andrew may just be making his.

For now this media narrative is impossible to discount.



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