The Visual NBA Rankings for 12/30/2014

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No worries today. Short Rankings post. All visual.


Explanations for the math behind this are all here.  Don’t worry, full Rankings service will resume in the new year.

First the ranks:

Rank 12_29

Speed thought round!

  1. It continues to be a Jurassic World in this regular season. Go Toronto.
  2. The Warriors miss Bogut.
  3. The Blazers rising without Lopez is a strong case for Damian Lillard as MVP worthy.
  4. The Clippers are our good bad team. Big Baby and Hedo?
  5. The Grizzlies lead my title contender list. I trust them in the playoffs.
  6. The Rondo experiment needs some time to bake but the Mavs are title contender #2.
  7. Jimmy Butler is a man. The Bulls if healthy are title contender #3.
  8. I’ve written the Rockets off the contender list after the Josh Smith trade. Change my mind Daryl.
  9. Continue to love the Hawks. Could sneak into the Finals.
  10. Kawhi, they need you! Contender #4 if healthy.
  11. Thunder are not a sure playoff team. Contender #5 if KD doesn’t shut it down.
  12. The Bucks are at 150 to 1 to win the East. that’s an opportunity
  13. Suns are holding on to that 8th seed.
  14. Wiz, by default, might have best odds to make ECF.
  15. Pistons got the Josh Smith stink off and started playing better. Playoffs are possible (it’s the East)
  16. Pacers remain intriguing. If Paul George comes back early enough they might just be title contender
  17. Kings don’t matter. I love Boogie.
  18. Pelicans have the best player on the planet (Anthony Davis) but are not making the playoffs barring an act of god.
  19. Celtics still have one more trade to make at least. They need to decide if they’re competing or tanking.
  20. Cavaliers are going down like a stone to injury and attrition. They are still 6 to 5 to win the East. The East title futures odds are laugh out loud hilarious right now. I wouldn;t pick Cleveland to get out of round 1 in the East right now. There is a real chance their coach doesn’t survive. Particularly when you consider this. Mama, there goes that coach!

21 to 30:  None of these teams are relevant to the title odds this year other than with a trade that changes a contender.

Let’s do the simulation as well:

Sim 12_29

As I said, The Thunder have not guaranteed anything. Surprisingly, it looks like the Bucks have. I would totally be into a Bucks/Bulls first round series.

Happy new Year folks.



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