Beta Testing, Unrated and the Killer Apps

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12 straight months of almost daily posting.

Then a week of silence.

Did you miss me?
No worries. Regardless of the circumstances this space is not going away.

My good work got recognized and I was called up to the big show. At the Wages of Wins Journal I get a bigger forum and the ability (as editor) to pick and choose material. It’s a very nice gig.

But I’m going to keep this sandbox here so I can mess around. I’ll beta test content here. I’ll write and post without a filter and I’ll test material that isn’t quite ready for the big show.

And sometimes we need to keep it blue to truthtell.

Case in point. Here’s something I’ve been working on.
Click here and just press play.

That is every player’s Wins Produced numbers year by year  from 1978 onward in a Google motion chart ( I apologize to your supervisors in advance for lost productivity hours).

It’s so awesome I need to break out some theme music.

As for coming content?

The past is prologue.

30 to 16 to 1.

Build me a winner

The Free Agent Guide.

Enjoy your new toy in the interim.

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