Is Lebron a choke artist and other Remaining playoff thoughts

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Sometimes you just know things.

I missed a post yesterday and given my current job situation (stressful, challenging, like trying to juggle three angry blind mountain lions who are on fire by their tails but strangely incredibly fun) I knew it was coming.

I think you mean 'GNU INFO override'

Strangely these are the times where I step up and go: "I got this" (Image courtesy of

Lucky for you, the ideas keep coming and building up a nice queue.

Throw in my strange compulsion to post something every day and you’re getting two ideas for the price of one today. Even if saturday’s are the lowest trafficked day of the week at this blog.

I forgive you for having personal lives .

Let’s start by debunking the ongoing narrative that Lebron somehow choked against the Mavs. The story going around our friends in the media is that something must have been the matter with Lebron, That he choked and that if had been himself the Heat would have won.

This is funny but totally misleading. Dirk is not trowing the ring into a Lake of Fire.


I know this is wrong.

How do I know?

That’s Lebron James’ Wins Produced per 48 for every opponent in the regular season. Please note that Lebron had by far his worst performances of the season against the Dallas Mavericks.

This is not about what Lebron did or didn’t do but rather about what Dallas consistently did to fluster him.

Their defense, put a small fast guy in front of him and take away his lanes to the basket with zone or help defense should be studied and copied by each an every team in the league. It reduces his options to:

  1. Shoot a bad percentage jumpshot
  2. Post someone up ( and we all know how well he does that)
  3. Pass to someone else for the shot (and that will also be a low percentage shot)

All in all bad times for the King.

Jordan looks at Barea/Kidd and thinks "And1"

The second thing I’m putting up is a nice,neat little poster followup to my last post (where all is explained). It’s a slightly different of presenting the data.

I knew I was going to miss it.

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