The MVP for Every Playoff Series in 2011

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As you known, I put up stats for every game in the 2011 playoffs.

This allows me do some fun things.

I can take the top 6 players by minutes for each team and each series. Then I can work out:

  1. The Classic Wins Produced stats (explained here)
  2. My own opponent adjusted Wins Produced Stats (explained here) to adjust for opponent production.
  3. My own do it Yourself Offensive Point Margin Stat Combined Margin Combined Point Margin (explained here) to adjust for opponent point differential.

I can work them out per 48 minutes then convert Combined Pint Margin per 48 to wins ( CPM48/15.5 +.100 if you’re curious) average all three numbers for a combined barometer statistic (calling it combined wins per 48).

For fun, I can convert the result to Point Margin per 48 ((CWP48 -.100)*15.5 again if you’re curious).

The result by series looks like so:

Dwade? Still the best player in the Finals. Chandler? Finals MVP.

Lebron & Kidd? below average

The Miami bigs really sunk the Heat though. It was the big two and a half indeed for Miami but the cast was Wade,Chalmers, Lebron not Lebron,Wade and Bosh.

For the Playoffs it looks like so:

Miami really did waste and epic Wade Finals (good job by Bosh,Anthony and Haslem). Terry (DAL-LAL), Ray(BOS-NYK) and Dirk(DAL-LAL) top the list. Russell Westbrook, Bill Walker, Marvin Williams and DeShawn Stevenson bottom it out.

Was it good for you? 🙂

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