Podcast – Finals with Devin and Dre

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 Super Stat Team Assemble!

Dallas vs. Miami

You can check out each game thanks to Arturo

You can also check out regular season numbers thanks to Dave

There are tons of fun stories about why each team won the finals

Predicting How Things will Turn Out

  • The True Hoop Network had their annual Stat Smackdown – Congrats to Ben Morris for his victory
  • The Wages of Wins Network had our own Stat Smackdown – Devin won with our new rules, Arturo would have won using traditional rules.
  • Arturo has things right when he looks at how likely each outcome is as opposed to claiming any individual scenario is a huge favorite.
  • The Drunkard’s Walk points out a 2-1 favorite in the playoffs would need a 23 game series to win reliably enough.
  • Ian got busy and stopped updating his picks. Dre was content to rest on his laurels in terms of predicting player awards.


The Draft – A Sample


-Dre (@nerdnumbers)

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