The Good and the Bad

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The King.

The Best player in the game.

We are all witnesses.

Lebron James does not do anything in half measures. He hasn’t really his entire adult life. He’s lived the largest possible life on the largest possible stage.

And the drama he provides is exquisite.

He gives us the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Case in point, Lebron now owns the Best and Worst triple playoff double since 1991. Yes, Game 5 was the worst playoff triple double I could find.

Let’s illustrate:

That’s 61 Playoff triple Doubles since 1991 and 989 Regular season ones since 1986. What’s the population Breakdown?

Mean Std deviation
Reg Season 0.441 0.177
Playoffs 0.492 0.184


So for the most part  triple doubles are very good things.

Getting back to game 5, Here’s how it stacks up:

Lebron’s game 5 is only the second below average Triple Double in the Playoffs since 1991. It’s about 2.66 std deviations from the mean.

In short, it was a bad night.

One final point. For those arguing regression to the mean for Lebron coming back and having a monster game in this series?

The evidence does not back your beliefs.

Miami’s fate is not in the hand’s of the King.

He may not be the GOAT but he may be the most entertaining.

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