Podcast: Conference Finals Game 1 and Fixing the Lottery

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Super Stats Team Assemble!

Only two tonight but a strong two!

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Chicago vs. Miami

Dallas vs. Oklahoma City

  • Advanced Box Scores!Where Dirk is historically offensive.
  • Daniel starts with Barea?? (Puerto Rico in the House- Arturo)
  • We bring up the “Melo Effect”, which we’ve said really is the “Dirk Effect”
  • We get to bring up the now infamous Bounce Bounce Bounce Comic about Russell Westbrook.
  • The only outcome I don’t want is Oklahoma winning the finals. Odd.
  • Daniel falls asleep when I try and explain why 0.615 TS% for Oklahoma City and 0.680 TS% for Dallas is so insane!
  • Dirk set a playoff free throw record.
  • At one point Russell Westbrook was the player to take the shot. What happened?
  • Daniel has Oklahoma winning. Arturo calls this a sad outcome.
  • Arturo pops in to point out this is the 2nd best Offensive Game in the last 21 years of the Playoffs. He promises a link, I look forward to it .(I hope it was good for you -Arturo)

The Draft Lottery

  • Does it matter? Fan help. Is the draft lottery fixed? We have 20 years of data do the picks match the “odds”?
  • The teams in the top 10 we like aren’t because of their draft picks (The Bucks and Sacramento can get healthy. Utah already got some good pieces)
  • Daniel thinks Cleveland was thrown a bone.
  • It takes a while for young players to make a difference.



P.S. I didn’t think to mention this on the Podcast but we have more than a few people we’d love to talk with (e.g. Ben Morris and The Hoopism guys quickly come to mind.) If you’re interested in coming on let us know and we’ll work something out (we already have commenter E.J. on the queue to battle Mosi, which we’ll have to find a schedule for) Also if there are people you’d like to hear us talk/argue with let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Keep in mind our powers are pretty much limited to e-mailing and asking so it’s unlikely we’ll see Balkman or Fields on any time soon.

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