Podcast: Playoffs and Women

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Super Stats Team Assemble

I think the similarities are clear.

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We discuss the following topics, not necessarily in the following order (I rearranged them to be a little more structured than our actual discussion)

Get to know your Hosts!

  • Arturo – Hispanic, Italian Irishman
  • Daniel and Dre – Hispanic, German Scandinavians

Player Weaknesses

  • We lost 2/3 of our live listeners when started discussing possible explanations for poor performance.
  • I confused the NBA PA with Kanye West but still NBA Players should get pre-nups.

Boston vs. Miami

  • Arturo gives Boston a 10% chance to win if healthy. It aint over but it’s close.
  • Arturo approves of Joel Anthony, Danny Martinez will be pleased.

Dallas vs. Los Angeles

Memphis vs. Oklahoma

  • Mark it, Arturo thinks Memphis will be a Western Conference Finalist next season.
  • Dallas beats OKC. Memhis beats Dallas. What will the WCF hold for us?

Chicago vs. Atlanta

  • Rose is clearly a finals MVP caliber player.
  • Just to put Joe Johnson and Derrick Rose’s performances in perspective. This season Joe Johnson only had 2 games like his game 1 “killer performance” whereas Derrick Rose has 10 games like his terrible performance.
  • Derrick Rose may not be Superman but he can be Clark Kent

The Finals

  • Arturo is predicting Dallas-Miami in the finals with Dallas winning in 6
  • Daniel puts Oklahoma City vs. Miami with Miami winning in 7
  • If Dallas wins will the Finals MVP be Kidd or Nowitzki?
  • If Miami wins will the Finals MVP be LeBron or Wade?

Offseason Moves

  • Daniel wants to play fantasy basketball next season. My Smackdown performances might make me easy pickings.
  • We always discuss some trade scenarios, how about Dwight + Arenas for Bynum and Gasol?
  • The Nuggets have cap space and Glen Davis and Jeff Green are free agents. I fear for my life.
  • If Nene leaves the Nuggets I leave the Nuggets, which does not make Daniel happy.



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