Advanced Playoff Box Scores for 5/9/2011

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For tonight the headlines for me:

Rondo is a hardass and played through pain but it’s not quite enough. Thank BounceX3 for the explanation.

You try cooking one handed, see how you do. Courtesy of Bounce X3

Miami continues to imbrace their inner thug as they take a commanding 3-1 lead

Again, bent elbow and rough play and all. Heat/Celtics/Grizz/Thunder all have more heart and class this year than some other teams.

On behalf of Puerto Rico: You gonna be rocking that suit on the bench to start the season Drew.

Boxscores and recap next. You’ll note that I tried to make them more readable today.

Quick reminder before we get to that, Cool stuff is up:

Intro & Background first.

I’m going to be posting an advanced Box Score during the playoffs

It contains:

    • Basic information: Player , Team, Game ID (Who,what and when)
    • Classic Stats:Points ,Shots, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds,Steals,Blocks, Assists (Because the classics are classics for a reason).
    • Simple spins on classics: % of Team Minutes (player minutes as % of total minutes available), Position (average player position)
    • Possesion and Play stats:
      • Offensive Plays : Field Goal attempts + .434 Free Throw Attempts + Turnovers
      • Usage of Offensive Plays : % of Offensive plays used by player when in the game
    • All the classic Offensive Efficiency stats (and some slightly modded ones):
      • Effective Field Goal %=(FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA
      • True Shooting %=Pts / (2 * (FGA + 0.44 * FTA)
      • Points per Shot = Pts/FGA
      • Points per Offensive Play= Pts/Offensive Plays
    • Do it Yourself Offensive Point Margin Stats:
      • Offensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value created by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is:
        • OPM = (Points per Play for Player- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Player
      • Defensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value surrendered by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is:
          • DPM = (Points per Play for Opponent- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Opponent. I’m doing this one by position averages per game.
      • Combined Margin: this is just OPM-DPM
      • Rebounding Rates: % of Rebounds on Offense, % of Rebounds on Defense.
      • The Classic Wins Produced stats (explained here) and my own opponent adjusted Wins Produced Stats (explained here). The difference? Classic assumes the opposing player is average. Opponent adjusted goes out and checks by position.

Parking Lot items :

  1. Do DPM based on average points per play for opponent.
  2. Add other advanced metricss (PER,Win Shares,EZPM, etc.)

Remember kids, my tastes are reflected in this (and they may not line up with yours).

I encourage you to comment and make suggestions as the eventual goal is to build an automatic version of this.

The raw data is here as a google doc (it’s updated)

And now the games for tonight.

Celtics-Heat Game 4

I guess A King, a prince, a warden and a court jester beat three kings and a hardass. Lebron & Pierce had a fabulous duel but neither could close it out in regulation. Wade and Bosh where also great (damn that tip-in) and props go to Rondo for outplaying the Miami point guards with one arm.

I still think this series isn’t over. Thinking otherwise would be retarded.

Are you making fun of me?I'm making a list!

Thunder-Grizzlies Game 4

This was a good old-fashioned slobbernocker of a game in Memphis. A riveting and unbelievable tale full of blood sweat and effort. Hell of a ride with some twists at the end. Kevin Durant and Harden outplayed Marc Gasol and Mayo. The big problem for Memphis is that they ran out of players. Westbrook was good but not great (in the end he had more legs than anybody else).

This game kinda reminded me  of something.

Andy did you hear about this one?

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