Podcast: Round 2 FIGHT!

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Super Stat Team Assemble!

Arturo and Dre are like another great Dynamic Duo

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We started late because late games go late

Memphis and Oklahoma City

  • Memphis – Could we see this coming and how do we explain their first round success?
  • Fan Question #1 – If you were New York would you swap rosters with Memphis if given the chance?
  • Fan Question #2 – Was Randolph a good risk or a lucky fluke?
  • Marc Gasol turned it around, you can use Arturo’s Awesome App to see this.
  • Using The Half Baked Theory, Memphis is more like a 56 win team and a 64 win team if Gasol is for real.
  • Zach Randolph signing is based on the promise Gasol will be re-signed
  • Wow we really didn’t talk about Oklahoma at all, sorry OKC fans

Dallas and Los Angeles

  • Fan Question/Help – When was the last time a power forward had a half court heave at a buzzer to result in a trip to the line and/or a 4 point play?
  • Dallas should hope Kobe shoots more (he took 29 shots in game 1) When Kobe shoots 30 shots a game the Lakers are 10-16
  • Dirk is pretty good with that scoring thing

Miami and Boston

  • Miami does not fear Rondo’s shooting
  • Big Baby has been playing “relatively better”. Kinda like punch in the face is relatively better than a kick in the groin.

Chicago and Atlanta

  • No, Atlanta is not actually good
  • Fan Question #4 – Do the Bulls need Boozer to show up to beat Miami?
  • Chicago’s Kryptonite is making Rose play like Kobe in “clutch”

Blake Griffin Rookie of the Year

  • Blake Griffin is in the same league as Chris Paul, Tim Duncan and Shaq in his rookie season
  • Blake Griffin is already getting MVP votes

Derrick Rose “MVP”

  • Rose is similar to Nash in 05 and Jordan in 98 (Iverson in 01 was just an abomination)
  • Dre put this in perspective. Rose is still in the top 5% of the best players in the world.
  • Fan Question #5 – Would you pick Rose instead of LeBron for your team? (that was suppose to be rhetorical for those of you that actually answered!)
  • Related Tweet to the subject –

NerdNumbers Andres Alvarez

Ok those who love the 27pt,7ast,4rbd for Rose. In terms of PG he’s 11th in TS%, 25th in AST/TOV and 7th in RBD/G #context

Arturo’s Picks for the series

  • Dallas in six
  • Memphis in six
  • Chicago in five
  • Miami in seven (with the Thanatos Gambit. Of course, is he hurting himself with the Unspoken Plan?)



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