A Series of Good Nights visualized

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I’m not above stealing a great idea.

Or really adapting it to suit my own purposes.

Credit where credit is due. I saw this great visualization this morning from DanielM at http://godismyjudgeok.com/DStats/. It’s a Wordle word cloud based on a players single game contribution based on his own system for player evaluation.

It occurred to me that I’d done something very similar more than a few times:

  1. https://arturogalletti.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/a-series-of-good-nights/
  2. https://arturogalletti.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/a-nightly-pattern-of-behavior/
  3. https://arturogalletti.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/late-night/

The whole concept was to looking at good and great nights (using a heady mix of dementia, maths, excel, a heavy dose of the Basics and powered by NerdNumbers because hey mad genius switch? no off button). The simple explanation is to look at all player games with > 10 Minutes Played by the player (21531) figure out the average Wins Produced per 48 minutes (.0485) as well as the Standard deviation (.156) and divide as follows:

Lousy: <-2 std dev below mean (affectionately know as Barg town)

Bad: <-1 std dev below mean (We call this one Babyland in Boston)

Average: -1 to 1 Std. Dev. from the mean (Ben Gordon lives here)

Good: >1 Std dev above mean (Kevin Durant’s Domain)

Great: >2 Std Dev from the mean (Love/Howard/Wade/James/Paul territory i.e. best at their position)

And then assign points as follows:

  • Look at games with >10 Minutes Played
  • Look at players with more than 30 games played
  • Assign each player 2 points for a great game
  • Assign 1 for a good game
  • Dock him a point for a bad night
  • Dock him 2 for a lousy night

That looks like so

Then I rinse and repeat using opponent adjusted WP48 (or how good the player is compared to the guy playing opposite him on a nightly basis).

And that looks like so:

Both of those are nice but they don’t wow me.

Let’s fix that.

Here’s the NBA constellation for 2010-2011 using classic wins produced:
Wordle: NBA A Series of Good Nights 2010-2011

Here’s the NBA constellation for 2010-2011 using opponent adjusted wins produced:
Wordle: NBA A Series of Good Nights 2010-2011 (Opponent Adjusted)

Click to Enlarge and Enjoy!

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