#DeadBasketballPoetsSociety (The Scoring Efficiency Rankings for the 2010-11 Season)

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John Keating: There’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.

-Dead Poets Society

As I sit here watching the games and killing time waiting for the box scores to come up, as I often do when killing time I am reading my twitter feed.

One tweet in particular caught my attention.

MIA_Heat_Index #DeadBasketballPoetsSociety RT @NerdNumbers: And now 4 test as 2 if anyone will call a 4-18 shooting performance clutch in their game recap.

Two fellow WOW bloggers complaining about the way the pundits talk about basketball (and of course Derrick Rose is involved). They focus on the micro on the daring and fail to understand consistency of excellence.

It’s too easy to focus on the daring acts and forget the actual net result.

I’ve said this before but basketball is a game that is built on small decisions. Shoot or Pass. Drive or pull. Go for the rebound or go back on D. The ability to make these snap descions is what make a good player. Throw in talent and you have an all-timer.

Right guys?

It’s not about scoring. It’s about scoring efficiently.

Much like in the NFL it’s not about yards but yards per carry/throw/catch, in the NBA it’s about points per play.

With that in mind here’s a poster that ranks all the players with more than 18 minutes per game played acoording to their efficiency per offensive play.
The idea is simple calculate points scored per offensive play. Then I compare it to the league average points per play (.935 points per play). The difference is point margin per play. Multiply that by plays for the season total. Divide by games and by minutes to figure out rates.

Let’s talk a little about the top 10:

Dirk is ridiculous and this probably explains why the Mavs fell apart without him. Kevin Martin makes sense as does Nene. Chandler is a surprise on this list to me. Durant, Pierce, Ray are not surprises. Peja is effective in limited minutes.  Ryan Anderson was good in the regular season (not so good in the playoffs so far).  Finally James Jones is the beneficiary of many open looks.

As for the bottom ten?

Rookies (Wall,Cousins), Wizards and Twolves oh my! I feel for my man Kevin Love.

For Rajon Rondo, Dr. Arturo recommends moving in with Ray and his momma in the offseason.

Box Scores come later tonight.

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