Playoff Boxscores for 04/19/11

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Hey all.

We got some more cool box scores for you to have fun with.

Nerd fun! (Image courtesy of

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen your favorite playoff team up yet.

I’m going to work my way thru all the series as they play each night and then start putting up some tabulated results later in the week.

Dont worry Lakers,Hornets, Grizzlies, Spurs, Nuggets and Thunder fans youll get your turn.

You’ll note that I’ve made a few enhancements. You know me. I can’t stop tweaking (and keep watching because rev 2 of that app hits tomorrow now even more addictive and fun).

Let’s get to it shall we?

Celtics-Knicks Game 1:

For the Knicks in Game 1 it was all about Amare , Jeffries and Turiaf (all superstar level) and not Melo who was the worst of the night for New York. The winning C’s got it done thannks to Allen,Garnett, Rondo and Jermaine O’neal and in spite of Baby and Green.

Celtics-Knicks Game 2:

Melo shows up in a big way in game 2 (don’t get used to it Knicks fans), the rest of the team not so much. As for the winning C’s, it’s Ray and Rajon with Big Baby celebrating his sixth man votes with an un-Baby like outing. Jeff Green still sucks by the way.

Magic-Hawks Game 1:

Dwight Howard utterly murdered the Hawks but his team (other than Jameer) thought they were playing on Tuesday. The Hawks went five deep in stealing Homecourt from the Magic with Johnson,Crawford,Hinrich, Smith and Williams having good nights.

Magic-Hawks Game 2:

I’m confused. I though Atlanta had some magic juju to stop Howard? Superman romps again . The Magic don’t show up again (not even Jameer). This time though the Hawks revert to type and can’t take advantage of it.

Mavs-Blazers Game 1:

In the battle of the willy vets, Camby outduels Kidd for top individual honors but Kidd wins the war with an assist from Chandler. JJ and Wallace were not good at all.

Mavs-Blazers Game 2:

Kidd, Peja and Dirk got it done in the win for the Mavs. Miller for the Blazers. Is it 2006? Barea and Matthews stunk up the joint.

Perdona mi hermano, sabes que te quiero de gratis pero "Ball don't Lie"

That’s it for now. Podcast coming soon.

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