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Alright guys,
So we’ve given you two posts already devoted to Arturo’s new app ( but we couldn’t resist doing a third. Arturo is trapped behind a firewall where he can’t post and after some discussion of things you can do I’ve got a few more nice pictures for you. Arturo and I disagree on how much data to show in a chart. I tend to like less (e.g. top 10 lists) whereas Arturo tends to like more (e.g. all players for the season) luckily I have the steering wheel so this post will have some less images and later Arturo will have some more images. By the way if you make any super cool graphs please shoot them along, we’d love to see what you’re doing with the data. With that more fun!

We call this one – “Perspective”. We took the top player (in terms of popularity on an MVP ballot) for the top four seeds in each conference. We plotted their total performance for the season vs. their per minute performance for the season. The size of each circle represents minutes played. We see a nice disparity. Howard and LeBron are amazing players that as a result make their teams top tier. The other players – Rose, Durant, Kobe, Dirk, Duncan and Garnett are good players on very good teams. We’re fine calling all of these players valuable, it’s just some are more valuable than others. . . by a lot. . . like a ton. . . I mean really Rose > LeBron or Howard? Really?

This one we call “The Solar System”. We plotted the All-Star Starters with their total season performance vs. their per-minute performance. We see a fun disparity again. LeBron and Howard are the bright shining stars. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade are strong. Durant, Kobe and Rose are good. Melo knows how to play. Amare is kind of like Pluto, there’s argument over if he should really count as an All-Star.

Well hoped you enjoyed these. I know I did.


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