Wednesday Podcast – The Playoffs!

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Super Stat Team Assemble!

Arturo from Arturo’s Silly Little Stats
Daniel Alvarez (The People’s Voice) from Site to be Revealed Later!
Dre Alvarez from Nerd Numbers

You can enjoy this week’s bite size morsel at

If you’re interested in more you can also

With that here’s a run down of some links that may make listening more enjoyable.

The Playoffs!

Arturo and Alex have been kind enough to offer

We also chatted about series we wanted to see and of course Arturo’s written about that too!

We discussed regular season match ups and if that actually matters in the playoffs

Despite some hope for Miami we agreed Chicago is in a good spot to start recreating the Bulls era from the 90s. It is of course important to note that

Hope you enjoy it and as always leave your thoughts.



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