Podcast & NBA Now Playoff Rankings Oh my!

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Dorothy: Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! – The Wizards of Oz

Two things today. First care of me are the Rankings.

But these are not your average rankings. These are playoffs rankings, based on the Half Baked Notion ( 30 to 16 to 1 ).

The Half-Baked notion is this: what wins in the regular season is not necessarily what gets you the big trophy.A good deep team filled with average and above average players will get you in the playoffs but to get far in the playoffs you need your wins to be concentrated in your Top 6.

Playoff rankings are thus based on every teams projected top 6 based on current team and Minutes per game when they play. First the Depth Charts:

Then the rankings

When we look at playoff lineups, Miami remains at number 1. Boston falls to a tie for 4th based on Rajon Rondo’s recent funk. OKC keeps on coming strong at #2. Dallas and Orlando round out the top 5. What does this mean precisely? Well, I see the east as pure chalk in the 1st round, The West however is anyone’s guess.

Now I turn it over to my co-host for the evening, Andres Alvarez.

Nerd Numbers here! Alan and Daniel aka the Real Fans got together with Arturo and myself to discuss a few simple things

The 6th man of the Year

The Most Improved Player

And. . . the playoff hunt. It was a fun hour of optimism for Denver and well. . . talk of Boston.

You can listen to the podcast one of three ways: