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Comic book fans will be familiar with the term “retcon”, which in layman’s terms means that the writer waves his hand and tells you “Remember when we said this? We screwed up, forget about that.”

You’ve seen this before.

But as the title implies we’re here to talk about changes and trades.

We all know that it’s through trades that our friends in New York were finally getting a superstar for their team and becoming a challenger for the Eastern Conference Crown. Denver had to make the trade or face a scenario much like Cleveland or Toronto. In fact, there’s no way that they can do anything this year so the Nuggets need to focus on the future.

This has to be true because the media beat this story to death for six months.

Funny thing. Let’s take a look at all the players that have been traded this year:

And let’s look at the Knicks and Nuggets:

Ummm, that just …

What was my point ? I forget, what was I talking about again?

Quick we need to cover up some plotholes! Change the Narrative! Reality Punch!

We all know that the Knicks are building for next year. It’s all about Chris Paul. Never mind the playoffs this year they need a training camp to come together. Denver made the Knicks pay dearly in assets and getting out of the melodrama allowed their players to focus on the game.


ESPN Trade Narrative is about like this.

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