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“Art must take reality by surprise”-Francoise Sagan

Sometimes the unexpected path leads to the best results. That unseen fork in the road lead to an amazing tableau of beauty and coolness. This just might be one of those times.

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I was all set to roll with one of three great posts that were already in the can, when a reader comment to my Late Night piece caught my eye:

Will said: “Look at the top five. All positions are accounted for. Is that the greatest team ever consisting of players playing in the same year?”

He was referring to the top five from this table:

Paul, Wade, Lebron, Love, Howard is a hell of an impressive quintet but is it the best ever group of best at their position players for a single season?

The short answer  is No, it’s not the best quintet of Wins Produced All NBA players.

The long answer is a hell of a lot of fun.

Let’s start with putting a list of the Wins Produced All-NBA Teams by Year together. Rules are simple, the Wins Produced All NBA Teams are composed of the best player at each position for each season based on ADJP48 who played more than 2000 Minutes for that season. That (with some cool visualization effects) look like so:

And if we tabulate players with multiple appearances we get:

Player Total Apperances PG SG SF PF C
Magic Johnson 10 10
Charles Barkley 10 2 8
Michael Jordan 9 9
Jason Kidd 9 9
Larry Bird 8 8
John Stockton 8 8
Dennis Rodman 7 2 5
LeBron James 6 6
David Robinson 6 6
Kevin Garnett 5 5
Hakeem Olajuwon 5 5
Dwight Howard 4 4
Ben Wallace 4 4
Dwyane Wade 4 4
Shawn Marion 3 3
Grant Hill 3 3
Chris Paul 3 3
Buck Williams 3 3
Sidney Moncrief 3 3
Tim Duncan 3 3
Scottie Pippen 2 2
Shaquille O’Neal 2 2
George Gervin 2 2
Dikembe Mutombo 2 2
Bo Outlaw 2 2
Troy Murphy 2 2
Manu Ginobili 2 2
Julius Erving 2 2
Tracy McGrady 2 2
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2 2
Kermit Washington 2 2
Marcus Camby 2 2

Which looks right at the top but still doesn’t answer our question. For that I need to set up a virtual tournament, the All NBA Tournament. Again we pick the best player at each position for each season based on ADJP48 but now we project out project the results of a 68 Game Home and Home Tournament.

The result?


2011 falls at 11 in our tourney. The ridiculous 89 team (Magic ,Michael, Charles, Rodman and Hakeem) runs wild over everyone else in their path.

There’s more fun stuff here to discuss and we’ll cover that in part 2.

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