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Another Monday and another podcast. . . or wait! We actually have two podcasts . This is a stats blog so I feel compelled to make sure you’re aware that the podcast parts are about the same size as a normal one but was split into two because it turns out trying to get someone on Pacific Time in Canada at the same time as someone on Altantic Standard Time in Puero Rico can be rough. That said the links are below.

http://nerdnumbers.com/podcasts/STAT_03_21_2011_part1.mp3 – Alan, Dan, Devin and Dre discuss the Nuggets, Knicks and Raptors

http://nerdnumbers.com/podcasts/STAT_03_21_2011_part2.mp3 – Arturo and Dre discuss the Celtics, the Nuggets (again), MVPs, the Lakers and Greg Oden.

The RSS feed can be found here http://nerdnumbers.com/podcasts/stat_feed.xml (you can also add this link in ITunes to subscribe to us OR find us in ITunes)

Consider this a place holder for the great piece Devin is preparing on Melo’s impact on scoring in both Denver and New York.

It’s hard not to feel vindicated as a Nuggets fan after 10-4 after Melo vs. 7-9 for New York (including such great losses as Cleveland and Detroit!)

Reggie Evans was once very productive. He’s productive again and could end up on other teams.

New York is not in good shape. Arturo is suggesting they will go after Glen Davis in the offseason and after the podcast “joked” with Jeremy about them acquiring Monta Ellis for Landry Fields.

Los Angeles is that good. San Antonio (sorry E.J!) is not.

Finally Oden could help any number of teams if he could stay on the court and he may well we worth the risk (see Nene and Bynum)

Hope you enjoy them!


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