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I was curious.

Famous last words.

I wanted to see how player performance had changed as the season went along. Who’s better now? Who’s worse? Which teams are allocating their minutes well? Which are doing it poorly?

I of course decided to make a graph.

The rules are simple:

  • All players listed are currently on Rosters and playing
  • Use Wins Produced numbers (go see the Basics for the explainy)
  • The comparison will be between the full season and the last 30 days.
  • WP48 Levels are adjusted using a minimum level of 5 minute per game for team for period.
  • Game samples are for Games where player played more than 10 minutes
  • Players are categorized as follows (categories are my take on players place on championship team):
    • <=.000 WP48 (Scrub)
    • .000 to .100 WP48 (Bench)
    • .100 to .200 Starter
    • .200 to .300 (Star),
    • .300 to .400 (Superstar)
    • >.400 (Legend)

Here’s the table in question:

You see the big news? I know, I know it’s a lot of information so you may have missed it. Let’s simplify by looking at Stars for the season and above:

While Boston is ailing, Miami is lacking at the 4 and 5 , Chicago and LA have emerging players coming to the fore. Omer Asik is killing it.

Andrew Bynum though is going to a different plane. This is rarified Shaq, Hakeem, David Robinson air. If he remains healthy and this is always a big if with Bynum, the Lakers will be almost impossible to beat in the West.

Damn it all.

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