Playoff DNA (Rev.3)

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A few days ago I gave you my first playoff rankings.

It represented a start at breaking down the playoff teams but as with any beta it has a few flaws, the first being that its based on regular season data.

Let’s fix that.

Let’s look at players playoff DNA and let’s do it graphically.

Because Sometimes a picture can put things in perspective (image courtesy of

The rules are simple:

  • Use Wins Produced numbers for the playoffs (go see the Basics for the explainy)
  • Only deal with Players Currently Active and Playing on Rosters (sorry Shaq)
  • Put in a hard bottom on Minutes for the Wins per 48 minute (WP48) calculation at 400 Minutes for the Regular and 20 minutes 60 minutes for the postseason (20 minutes just looked strange).
  • Categorize players as follows (categories are my take on players place on championship team):
    • <=.000 WP48 (Scrub)
    • .000 to .100 WP48 (Bench)
    • .100 to .200 Starter
    • .200 to .300 (Star),
    • .300 to .400 (Superstar)
    • >.400 (Legend)

Here goes:

Click to enlarge. It’s cool I promise.

Discussion will follow.

But it’ll be later.

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