Rookie Update

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It’s a virtual tie.

Not that kind

First off, I did a podcast today. Check it out it’s way fun.

I had a few posts I was kicking around but I kinda don’t want to talk about Melo again as of yet, even though carmelo and the Knicks are incidental to the point I’m trying to prove.

Much like the 2011 playoffs.

Now,now, don't get upset yet Spike.

But rather than keep piling, I decided to hold off and go in a different way. Let’s do a visualization and let’s do it on rookies.

Blake Griffin is still leading the rookie of the year race but Landry Fields looks like he’s going to catch him on the back straightaway.

See, I told you not to get upset.

The other surprise is that Jeremy Evans has been playing quite well and the best Washington rookie looks to be Trevor Booker. Throw in Davis, Monroe, George and Asik as the standouts so far.


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