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Something fell.

It’s important to put things in perspective.

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We miss the obvious sometimes. We’re too close at the time the event occurs and we miss when something truly monumental is occurring.

The point sometimes is that everybody misses the point.

Here’s a table of the greatest single season basketball performances since 1978. The metric is Wins Produced. The requirements to be on the table are more than 2000 Minutes Played and greater than .400 Wins Produced per 48 minutes played:

A 22 year old is flirting with putting up the best season ever.

Kevin Love just might be the best basketball player alive.

Look, I know there are caveats (mostly around the situation he plays in) but take a look at that table (and the names on it) and remember he’s 22!

Big men don’t even hit their prime until later in their career.

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