Win Run Chart: The Texas Triangle

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If you want to know about Creation and Time,
Read Difficulties Resolved on the Journey to the West.Journey to the West Wu Cheng-en

The run charts have been great fun so far, but I’ve been neglecting our friends in the West.

Let’s fix that.

Road Trip on the nimbus

We start with the Texas triangle as our journey of enlightenment (and awesomeness begins). All run charts are based on concepts outlined in the basics (see here) and use the Numbers here).

I need to apologize to Daryl Morey for bashing him at the trade deadline. Life gave him lemons (a really tall chinese one) and he made one hell of a lemonade. He moved his worst assets (Brooks) at the cost of a depreciating asset (Battier) and got some intriguing  cheap pieces back (Goran who’s a clear upgrade from Brooks and Thabeet who’s in essence a lottery ticket). The really strange part? The Rockets now look like a for real contender. Sadly, this team is not getting Homecourt and they might not even make the playoffs in the west but this team is set up to keep contending in the long term. Fantastic ensemble cast but no superstar to bring it home.

Superstars looking for better teams? Can't think of any. Dwight, Kevin you got any ideas?


I’ve been hating on Dallas all year. I hate how they match up against elite point guards. This team is for real though. Kidd, Chandler, Nowitski are stars. They’ve handled the best teams as well. They need homecourt though and matchups are key. Rodrigue is touted as a wildcard but we have to see it first. I have a feeling their fate is a 3 seed and a fired up Nuggets team (which I would probably feel is a very good chance at an upset). If they survive that?

We know how this story ends

Finally, the main event.

The good news is that the Spurs have been the best team in the league for the year and they have the horses to prove it. The bad news is that they seem to be regressing lately.

For the season, Duncan, Ginobli and Parker are joined by Blair and Hill as the keys to the Spurs success and much like the Mavs they have no negative performers. The difference is that they’re in all probability going to have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. They should make short shrift of the Grizz (who are good but not that good). The second round however is a different animal. The Old kings will be looking straight in the eyes of the young lions in the Thunder and if they survive we most likely get another epic duel with the Lakers.

If they can pull out of their current funk (are you listening Richard Jefferson?) and get back to their early season form, I like their chances. Either way it’ll be great form.

Is it April yet?



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