Two Ships in the Night

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The best graphs serve to make a quick point. Case in point, let’s graph two teams using numbers as of yesterday:

There’s a reason I liked the Blazers at the start of the season. Deep roster with no holes that survived catastrophic injury luck. Now with some health and more depth ( think Wallace and Roy) they can make some real noise.

And of course:

It a problem when only two and a half men show up. No amount of Spin can erase the fact that the Heat are not playing in the major leagues right now. Lebron is all about winning and for the most part so is Wade. The rest of the hotshots on this team are just really taking the day off. As for Bibby, I think he’ll fit right in with their current team concept. Just at this point I need to ask coach Spo. What exactly *is* their team concept?

Oh, one final note before I check out. There was an error in yesterday’s graphs so I reposted them.

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