Team Run Chart: Lakers vs Celtics

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I  love charts.

No, not Lamps, Charts (Image courtesy of

And I’m loving the Run charts and tonight we’re doing it old school.

For the NBA, the old stories never go away and it seems like this season is no exception. I give you Lakers vs. Celtics.

Let’s start with the champs (I think I just threw up in my throat a little):

Gasol and Odom have been the rocks for this team. Kobe has been consistently good and Fisher consistently bad. The X-factor with this team? Mr. Bynum’s knees. Can he stay healthy for the playoffs? If he does everyone else needs to watch the hell out (and I really hated typing that sentence).

Let’s talk about my boys in Beantown:

The big Four have been getting it done all season. The story is that they need a five and six. I think Danny thinks Shaq and Delonte can step in (and so so long Perk) but it’s a gamble given their health. Will Murphy and Green come through? They haven’t so far but I’m hoping the luck of the irish holds up.

Here’s to a happy ending.

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