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“Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?” -Nappa

“It’s OVERR NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!” -Vegeta

“What ? There’s no way that can be right!!!!!” -Nappa

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru)

He broke my damn spreadsheet.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me give you some nice exposition first before we get to the lead.

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I was planning a routine post where I looked at the Wins per 48 for all players in the NBA with the twist that I wanted to break it down month by month. The point of this exercise was to look  for players whose play is improving or dropping as the season was going along. My intent was to break it down along the lines of  the roster by roster breakdown of my last post:

That’s a roster by roster breakdown by minutes played of the level of play for each team. For players by month I though i’d do:

  • Elite (>.400 WP48) which I used previously here
  • Superstar (>.300 WP48 & <.400 WP48)
  • Star (>.200 WP48 & <.300 WP48)
  • Starter (>.100 WP48 & <.200 WP48)
  • Bench (>.000 WP48 & <.100 WP48)
  • D-Leaguer (<.000 WP48)

And split the season into thirty day chunks.I figured it would be a fun exercise to see some trends, get to do some cool visualizations and it would be a cool followup to my ongoing series of alternative ways of looking and breaking down the NBA MVP race.

Alternative Earths

The index for that series is here (and for some weird reason I keep coming up with a different answer 🙂 ) :

So what happened? Well, once I crunched the numbers I had to change my strategy. You see, one player broke the system. One player went out and put in a legen- (Wait for it)


-dary performance. The following table is by month and everyone get’s points according to their WP48  level (-1 for -.100 to 0, 0 for o to .100, 1 for .1oo to .2oo , 2 for .200 to .300 etc.)

His name is Kevin Love. .510 WP48 in the Last Month.  That crazy son of a gun broke my spreadsheet. He’s on pace for a top ten Wins Produced Season right now.

So the MVP Analysis Tally so far is

  1. K-Love 3 2/3  votes
  2. Lebron 2 1/3 votes
  3. CP3 1 2/3 votes
  4. KG 1 vote

And Kevin Love takes the lead (and all your rebounds).

Now If we could just get him some more love in the teammate department.

So underrated superstar on an inferior Minnesota team, where have I heard that one before? Sorry Minnesota fans but I hope history does repeat itself in this case.

There are some more interesting tales in this table. But that’s what tomorrow is for.


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