The Wild Wild West and a roster by roster breakdown

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S. Quentin Quale: There’s only one law in the west: the law of blood and bullets. It’s either shoot or be shot. What are we gonna do?
Joseph Panello: Sue ’em!
S. Quentin Quale: I give you my solemn word as an embezzler I’ll be back in ten minutes.
S. Quentin Quale: Time wounds all heels.
-Three great quotes from The Marx’s Brothers “Go West”

Yesterday, I gave you the East. Today we go West (Standard Disclaimer: if you’re new, welcome, please be aware that we are powered by NerdNumbers and if you have questions you’ll need to go to the Basics, thanks in advance):

And while that’s really fun, It’s not new information.

But this is:

That ‘s a roster by roster breakdown by minutes played of the level of play for each team be it :

  • Superstar (>.300 WP48)
  • Star (>.200 WP48 & <.300 WP48)
  • Starter (>.100 WP48 & <.200 WP48)
  • Bench (>.000 WP48 & <.100 WP48)
  • D-Leaguer (<.000 WP48)

What can we learn from this? From the bottom up we go. Minnesota, New Jersey, Cleveland, Sacrament0 and Washington have bad Rosters (but we knew that). Toronto is interesting because they have some spread of talent but they give a lot of bad players minutes. Charlotte, Milwaukee and the Knicks have done a good job of cleaning their rosters of dead weight. Phoenix has not. Philly has also cleaned up that roster.

Of the contenders, San Antonio has no wasted space on the Roster. LA and Boston are top heavy but lack Depth (injuries to Barnes, Perk, and West have not helped there). The Heat and Chicago should both be better after the All Star Break (two words :Noah and Miller). Orlando is deep but not top heavy (and that does not work in the playoffs) . Dallas, Atlanta and Memphis have too many scrubs (and are not getting love from me). Denver lacks star power (and is an altitude induced hallucination). The Hornets and OKC are too bottom heavy (and not top heavy enough) to be taken seriously.

Here’s to cool charts!

Chart of Google results for “X Y” (in quotes) (Image courtesy of And Yes I already Googled Zombie Jesus

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