NBA Now rankings as of 02/08/11

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It’s that time again.

No not Hammer Time silly, it’s time for me to break out the excel and rank all the NBA teams and to do it forcefully!!!


I’m on vacation right now so I’ll keep it brief. By now, you know the drill. I’ll put up something funny (see above), they’re might be infographs, I’ll throw the rankings in, I’ll add my hopefully pithy and meaningful comments and interpretations and I might just throw in a little something something at the end for the fans.  We’ll be powered by NerdNumbers and if you have questions you’ll go to the Basics.

Why deviate from a formula that works?

First the infograph:

Doctor Who? Exactly!

Now we get to the rankings as of 02/08/2011:

Miami is rounding into who we thought they’d be . So is Chicago actually (if I figure in Noah’s return). San Antonio, Boston, LA and Orlando round up the contenders (ie the teams with > 52 wins that’s who wins or didn’t you know).  Of the next group, we have some frisky,frisky teams in Dallas, OKC, Memphis and Philadelphia (seriously What the Hell!!!) . Memphis right now projects as a 7 seed and a killer series with the Lakers in the 1st round. Philly is in a dogfight for the 5th seed . Philly-Orlando would be another great 1st rounder  (especially since it might mean Mia-NY, Bos-Ind, Chi-Atl, Orl-Phi in the first round out east). Of the rest, Phoenix is showing just enough signs of life to guarantee a date with elimination and the Spurs in the first round (I’m really,really sorry Steve).

As for the Cleveland and Washington date with infamy? It’ll happen. My numbers actually have it as dead even. This is not a good thing for either team.

You know what might help Dan?

As for the little something,something?

WOW Commenting  superstar Ilikeflowers asks:

Arturo, can you add another column for the super-elites (>=0.400) to this?

Sure. We’re totally about fanservice here:

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