The Visual Rookie Year

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I had to work today. This was not cool.

What this means is that an upcoming series I’ve been working on is pushed back a few days. Again not cool (but trust me it’ll be worth the wait).

What is cool is the fact today’s post is a continuation of the visual theme for this week.  visual representation of every rookie’s year so far.

Basics are here if you’re new. As always we’re powered by NerdNumbers.

We start with  a win table chart:

Blake Griffin and Landry Fields are really, really good but don’t sleep on Monroe and Evan. Wall is good (but fragile).

Now for the cool graph. I’m plotting all the games for the rookies and giving you percentages for each win quantity per game. See here:

Blake, Fields, Wall and Davis are the only rookies in the .5 win in a game club.  Blake see ms to have the bigger upside while Landry is terrific in his consistency. Manny Harris and Cousins are both very intriguing future prospects for having high win games.

Hopefully, I’ll have the first in a series up tomorrow (or Monday).

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