A Visual look back at the Season so far

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I been working on a project or two this weekend. As readers this means you will be getting some cool work in the future. It also means I’m a little short on time right now. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to settle for some cool infographs today.

Terminator Apocalypse before you ask.


Fortunately, I’ve been playing around with some cool ways to visualize the season so far. Particularly, I’ve been looking at changing team performance for the year (see here for the Basics behind the analysis). I played around with a few methods for fun and finally came up with two I liked.

Chart 1 looks at team win projection at the end of each week of the NBA season so far based on Year to Date production of Wins.

We can see the top teams ( Spurs,Heat, Celts,Lakers, Bulls and Magic). We can see the worst teams (Cleveland and New Jersey come on down). We can also see the teams that are improving ( Memphis, Philadelphia & the Clippers) and those that are going the other way (Dallas, Utah & New Orleans).

For the second table, I looked at ranking by week based on Year to date performance and the average value of the ranking.

Miami has dominated the season so far in terms of consistently being near the top with San Antonio,Boston and LA nipping at their heel. Chicago is clearly the up and coming contender while Orlando is stuck in place. Interestingly, the only other team out west looking like an improving possible contender is the Nuggets (that Melo trade may shape the postseason just not the way the media thinks).

I think you’ll agree: tables and charts can be fun.


Image courtesy of xkcd.com

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