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One cool thing about having a blog is that I get to project my vision of reality as fact. Now this isn’t always the case and In fact I take great pains to be objective a lot of the time. But sometimes I like to let the old id loose and write opinion pieces.

Given that it’s my  blog, reality is equal to opinion.

Now when I write one of these pieces I typically focus on something trivial but fun on which there are a lot of passionate and conflicting opinions and I try to give it a particular (and fun) twist.  If I was talking about the best ever Rock Band, I’d rank them according to some personal criteria or crazy hypothetical scenario. For example, you: have a time machine, are booking a festival with ten slots and you get to choose any band at any time who do you choose? And in what order? My answer starting from the opening act on goes like this:

  1. Beatles: Gotta have them, you know, but in all honesty not a great live band.
  2. Stones : Better live act than the Beatles. Here’s a clip to prove that point.
  3. Linkin Park (featuring Jay-Z): Jay-Z puts them over the top for me, would not get in otherwise, I would happily switch them with the stones. Without Jay-z, I’d drop them completely out and bring in Zeppelin and/or Van Halen.
  4. AC/DC: Fantastic live band kills me to have them this low.It ain’t easy living free.
  5. Kiss: Detroit Rock city(nuff said). The costumes (and the Pyro) push them over AC/DC
  6. U2: Another fantastic live band, I’d take the early version (Rattle and Hum/Silver and Gold) and not the later over the top version.
  7. The Who:They’re incredible now with half a band and in their dotage at their prime? See here.
  8. Metallica: And the San Francisco symphony orchestra of course.
  9. Guns and Roses: Metallica and GNR toured. GNR closed.
  10. Queen: Nobody follows Freddy Mercury
  11. Pink Floyd: Well except Floyd.

Note that I left off some ridiculously good acts: Dylan and the Band, Nirvana, Sabbath, Van Halen (even if I did go to eleven). I even got a surprise ending (which makes it even more fun).

The greatest trick those damn dirty apes ever pulled is convincing the world that luke's father shot the one.

For the NBA, my favorite meaningless discussion is the MVP debate. The criteria is ill-defined, varies wildly depending on where you look and at the end of the day it winds up as a popularity contest . It’s also an excuse to do some cool analysis and post some neat data. What’s not to love?

For today, my criteria is to look at the best 100 games for the season(using Wins Produced see here for the Basics):

The best game belongs to the King on Xmas day against LA. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Does that mean he should be the MVP again? Not quite, let’s tally these games up and bring this post home!

Only 79 players accounted for these 100 games to date (Yes to T-Mac and no Melo  anywhere to be seen). Only 19 are in double figures. Kevin Love has a ridiculous 11 games on this list. Through 43 games this means that there’s a 1 in 4 chance that he’s going to do something amazing. Number 2 on the list, Zach Randolph, is a huge stunner (though this explains why I believe Memphis is the team most likely to pull a stunner in the first round).

You can argue with my logic but:

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