NBA Now Rankings as of 1/16/2011 (and a possible Leap)

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Ah, my new favorite post of the week. It’s short,fast, informative and I get to post cool tables and graphs. Throw in a beach, my wife,  a ballgame, no cellphones  and a mojito and it’s the perfect vacation. I know it’s a sequel but sometimes sequels rock.

Now that is cool.

Insert the typical disclaimer about it being a long season and things changing in an instant thru injuries,trades and just out and out flukes. As always, my rankings are meant as a snapshot. That said, here’s my updated version of a power ranking for the NBA so far (games are current as of 01/16/2011):

The Lakers make a charge to the top spot, the Spurs however are hot on their heels. The contenders in fact have wittled down to 6 teams (Lakers,Spurs,Heat,Magic, Celts & Bulls) . Homefield will be critical with this bunch come playoff time. Right now I’d give the edge to the two top seeds (Spurs and Celts) with the assumption that the Spurs will remain healthy and the Celts will get healthy.

For the next bunch, Denver seems like the most intriguing prospect pending the results (and the spoils) of the Melo trade. Stay tuned. Dallas is in freefall and may be showing their age (and regressing to their pre-season projection), but we’ll need to see more of Dirk to be sure. Memphis continues to be the team I would not want to see in the first round of the playoffs out west if I’m one of the top seeds.

Oh and that’s not a typo, based on their current play and roster the model likes Cleveland to lose the rest of their games (not likely but boy do they suck).

As for the possible leap?

Mr. Aldridge come on down!

Portland may have another exceptional big. Quick someone insure his knees! I’m kidding. Kinda. Sorta. Does anyone know if he’s wearing a brace at least?

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