NBA Now Rankings as of 1/10/2011

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I loved the last one I did of these. It was short, sweet and to the point.

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We’ll imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Self-imitation though might be a bit questionable (at least in polite society). But what the hell, we’re on the internet.

As I’ve said before it’s a long season and things can change in an instant. Injuries,trades and just out and out flukes. So again my rankings are meant as a snapshot. That said, here’s my updated version of a power ranking for the NBA so far (games are current as of 01/08/2011):

Miami heads the pack again but Orlando has traded and played it’s way into contention. San Antonio and the MASH unit by the Charles Celtics struggle (for them). Chicago slows down their pace (but still kills it without arguably their best player in Noah, kudos to Mr. Rose for getting it done). Atlanta and Portland are starting to pick it up. While the Lakers and Mavs  start to look more like who I thought they were (i.e old).

The frisky bunch continues to be chaired by Memphis and now includes the recovering Warriors and the Dunkmeister in LA.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the MVP race. Where I make my pitch for sanity in our times.

Say no to Amare for MVP! (Although he's been pretty good)


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