The 100 Worst Seasons/Players in the NBA since 1978

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I read a cool series today. In between working on a consulting gig at home, I read this piece from deadspin. In it they take it upon themselves to rank the 100 worst nfl players of all time. I was inspired to rank the 100 worst statistical seasons of all time (or at least since 1978) as well as the worst players.

Now, they didn’t get all statistical and set up a method for doing this. They just followed their gut. I’m going to be a little more scientific

Some quick ground rules:

  1. Go read  the Basics if this is your first rodeo
  2. I’m looking for cost to the team, so each season will be ranked by the total differential from the players win production to the average players win production with similar minutes. So minutes count.
  3. My blog, my definition of value

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I looked at every player and every season in the the database and this is what I came up with:

And that’s pretty cool, but I really wanted to take it further so I decided to average the standard deviations for every players season’s and use them to rank the players themselves. I also took out anyone who didn’t (or hasn’t) played three years in the league. That looks like this:

Sorry Devin, Bargs only rates number 3.

Now since I’m a little swamped, I’m letting all pertinent discussion in the care of my regulars.

Tomorrow we go around the WOW.

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