Short Post with some links and updated rankings

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Hey, don’t look now, but the Automated Wins Produced site is updated with 2001 thru 2005 numbers and 2011 numbers.

Oh and the Godfather of WOW posted his handcrafted review of 2009-2010

Let it be noted that Arturo beat the Machine šŸ™‚

But even though I gave you a handcrafted version of the rankings earlier today now you get the Automated version.

NBA Now Rankings Week #1 (Now Powered by Nerd Numbers)

Top 10: It’s now Miami,Portland, Lakers then the Mavs ,Hornets,Nuggets and Hawks all move up. The Bulls, Celts, and Spurs fall but stay in the top 10

11-20: The freaking Raptors. Orlando is who we thought they were. OKC and GSW took a hit from the last game.

21-30: The Wiz get a .5 win from me adding it in to get to 1230 wins (82 games times 15), they’re not the worst so far as the Clippers seem to be going the wrong way.

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