NBA Now Rankings Week #1 (including updated WP thru 10/31)

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Now that the season is underway and we have a little bit of data, I decided to unveil what I hope will be a running feature for this blog,  ranking all the teams based on their performance.

Draw your own conclusions as to why this is here


Fairly soon we will have the Automated Wins Produced site for 2010-2011 (and we can say this ranking is powered by NerdNumbers) and a sufficiently large sample from the season to use it as our only basis for the rankings but for now where going to need to do some scrambling.

First,  I need to update the Wins Produced numbers (the Basics are here) for the season so far. I will caution as before, that all these numbers are preliminary (the position adjustment is estimated) and from a very small size. I used numbers from dougstats (who really deserves kudos for awesome data).

Props (and a shoutout to those looking for funny pictures of cats)

I used stats for the NBA as of 10/31/2010. Here are the WP numbers so far sorted by team:

What does it mean? Here’s the updated Top 30 in WP48 (>10 minutes per game) so far:

Millsap and Odom join the top of the  list.  Noah, Evans, Westbrook & Batum are still playing awesome. CP3 is still not dogging it at all. Monta slips after a tough matchup and Anthony Tolliver shows up at 30 (proving that Rambis may not be completely insane, although here’s and idea how about Love at 4 and Tolliver at 5, forget I said that and trade KLove as quickly as possible to the Celts 🙂 ). Again small sample size.

So the first part of the rankings is based on how everyone played so far, the second is based on my final preseason projection. Why should my preseason predictions hold any weight? Take a look:

To explain, I took the raw wins predictions for each team combined it with the equation for home team winning I came up with for a single game (see here for detail). To put it simply:

Probability of Home team winning a game = (Projected Wins Home Team-Projected Wins Road Team)/82 +.606

Then I worked it out for every game so far as follows:

  • If W% is greater than 60% call it a strong Win (W) for the home team
  • If W% is greater than 50% but less than 60% call it a weak Win (WW) for the home team
  • If W% is greater than 40% but less than 50% call it a weak Loss (WL) for the home team
  • If W% is less than 40% call it a strong Loss (L) for the home team

I then did the math for al the models I’d looked at previously (see here again) and also included just picking the home team. The result is as follows:

So yeah.

Paul is dead. Long live the Build?

No more foreplay, let’s get to the Rankings.

NBA Now Rankings Week #1

The top 10 sees a lot of action. The Heat and Lakers both pass the Blazers to go 1,2. OKC, Denver and Dallas thunder up the chart and overtake the Spurs. The Hornets are who I thought they were and so far the Grizzlies are the surprise team.  Chicago is holding on to a spot in the top 10 (barely) and face a big test tonight in Portland.

11 thru 20 sees the Celtics and Warriors falling 6 spots of the back of losses. The Raptors are the clear surprise in this group. The Jazz are barely holding on on the back of their victory at OKC which for them hopefully is a sign of things to come and not the exception.

As for the bottom 10, Orlando is the biggest surprise. They looked horrid against Miami and other than Howard,Gortat,Q-Rich and Vince Carter everyone else has played poorly.

And before you degenerates ask :-):

I'm just leaving this here

Hopefully this series will catch on.

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Note: Hey, don’t look now, but the Automated Wins Produced site is updated with 2001 thru 2005 numbers and 2011 numbers.

Oh and the Godfather of WOW posted his handcrafted review of 2009-2010

Let it be noted that Arturo beat the Machine 🙂

The next set of weekly rankings will be powered by Nerd Numbers

As for this week, here’s how they look using the Automated Numbers:

Top 10: It’s now Miami,Portland, Lakers then the Mavs ,Hornets,Nuggets and Hawks all move up. The Bulls, Celts, and Spurs fall but stay in the top 10

11-20: The freaking Raptors. Orlando is who we thought they were. OKC and GSW took a hit from the last game.

21-30: The Wiz get a .5 win from me adding it in to get to 1230 wins (82 games times 15), they’re not the worst so far as the Clippers seem to be going the wrong way.

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