A Small Sample Size look at the NBA in 2010-2011 (so Far)

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Before we get our first look at the Automated Wins Produced site for 2010-2011, I decided that I was going to work out all the Wins Produced numbers (the Basics are here) for the season so far. I will caution that all these numbers are preliminary (the position adjustment is estimated) and from a very small size. I used numbers from dougstats .

I used stats for the NBA as of 10/30/2010. Here are the WP numbers so far sorted by team:

What does it mean? Here’s the Top 25 in WP48 (>40 MP) so far:

Noah, Evans, Westbrook & Batum are playing awesome. CP3 is not dogging it at all. Monta & Landry Fields are surprising people. Again small sample size.

If I go by team:

The Thunder,Spurs, Nuggets and Warriors make up the small sample top 5.

The Warriors mostly on the back of Ellis improved play are playing very well. Denver is doing it on Melo,Affalo and Shelden Williams.

The Bobcats, Magic, Clippers, Wiz and Jazz make up the bottom five. The Magic other than Howard,Gortat  and Q-Rich are not playing very well.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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