Final Preseason numbers & Caturday

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I noticed something strange yesterday when looking at the site stats. See here:

котята is Russian for Kittens

So people are winding up at my homepage while looking for cute kitty pictures. Longtime readers know where all about the fanservice, so welcome and here goes:

And getting back somewhat on topic:

A disgruntled T-Wolves fan

Now getting back to basketball, Here are the final preseason stats.

The top 50 are here:

Some interesting names on this list.  Jeff Adrien , Manny Harris and Jeremy Evans look like steals. Haslem looks to have a breakout year.  Love and Griffin are going to kill it on bad teams.  Carmelo cooled down a bit. I included composite team standings but  keep in mind it’s the preseason. Once the rosters shake out, I’ll use this to id good potential players that are still out there.


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