The Top 15 Shot Takers in the 2010 Playoffs

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Working tonight. So a short post.

First off congrats to Prof. Berri for having the Number 5 Basketball Blog (see here)

Did a podcast with Dan and Dre on Monday (see here)

Commenter extraordinaire some dude asks:

Arturo, Rose was a .002? That doesn’t seem right to me. He scored more and assisted more without much of a change in rebounds or TOV in the playoffs. His shooting efficiency dropped, but not that much. I remember that in the series Cleveland was struggling to defend him. They only won 1 game because Cleveland was much better, but it seemed like Rose played well. Not as good as 2nd half Rose, but his numbers seemed to be better than total season Rose which was around .1, no?

Good question. For the answer, I went and got all the 2010 playoff data from basketball reference and made a table of the top 15 shot takers in the playoffs in 2010:

Rose took more shots per minute than any other player in the playoffs (that played more than 40 minutes). He did not score the most points. For the top 15 he was the 3rd worst in shots per attempt, worst in rebounds, and only 7th in points ( he was tied for 2nd in assists). This explains why he was only better than Jamal Crawford and Captain Jack in this group in terms of WP48. Before claiming that it’s all about the opponent, the other 21 Year old Point (Westbrook) played fantastically against what turned out to be superior opposition.

Finally a strangely appropriate comic

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