The Basics

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Hello. For those new to this blog here are the basics. I will keep updating this post in the future as I deem appropriate.

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The Basics

All articles use Wins Produced and WP48 [Wins Produced per 48 minutes] to evaluate player’s performance.* This measure uses three key components to evaluate a player:

  • The player’s per minute box score statistics
  • The player’s team’s per minute box score statistics
  • The average performance at the player’s position (PG, SG, SF, PF or C)

A full explanation can be found here. To give a general scale, an average player has a WP48 score of 0.100. The very best players in the league usually have a WP48 over 0.300. To put this in perspective; an average player who plays a full season at 40 minutes a game would generate around 6.83 wins for their team.  In contrast, a player posting a 0.300 WP48 would generate about 20.5 wins at 40 minutes a game over an 82 game season.

I typically consider 400 minutes in a season a significant sample

I consider:

  • a <.000 WP48 player a waste of a roster spot
  • a .050 WP48 player a bench player
  • a .100 WP48 player a starter
  • a .200 WP48 player a star
  • a .300 WP48 player a superstar

I may also talk about the half-baked notion and Wins over replacement Player (WORP).

The Stats

Stats used

The Rules

  • As long as you’re polite and don’t swear (excesively :-)). I will let you comment.
  • I will make snarky and innapropiate comments. If you laugh great. If not, deal with it.
  • Keep in mind that I will be wrong many many times in this space. I will also be right (hopefully at a higher frequency).
  • Here’s a handy dandy template for Comments:

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