Bulls revised (Boozer injury)

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A couple of days ago, I completed my Bulls team review.  So, predictably Boozer will be  out eight weeks with a broken hand. Sigh. There was no post planned for today but I decided to do a short one on the impact of this injury. If you remember I did two projections for the bulls.

The first projection was a conservative one. It:

  • Locked everyone in place in terms of performance (which is a reasonable assumption).
  • Adjust the minutes assuming Boozer and Noah both miss some time.
  • And throwing in zero win production from the turkish rookie (. 000 Wp48).

The numbers looked like :

So close to 59 wins as a conservative scenario. The sunny day scenario had :

  • Boozer and Noah playing 35 minutes a game for 82 games .
  • And change the win production from the turkish rookie to average (. 050 Wp48)
  • Boozer and Noah as starters then Gibson and then Thomas and Omer splitting time

The result looked like:

And a result of 67 Wins if everything broke right.

My initial projection was  around 63 wins (plus or minus 4). Now you would assume that I would step back from it given the Boozer injury. You’d be wrong. As I said, I assumed the Bulls would have some injuries. They have. Big Whoop. They still will be around 63 wins +/- 4 wins . Chicago fans can breathe easier.

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