Melo for Iggy?

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As you may or may not have heard. Another interesting Carmelo Anthony trade rumor has come up. This time it’s Melo for Iggy. This is not a joke or an imaginary story.

An imaginary story (but aren't they all?)

Prof. Berri over at wages of wins wrote about it here . Go ahead and read it and the links (the SI piece in particular breaks the unintentional comedy scale in praise of Rod Thorn, really giving Thorn credit for “finding” Jordan is like blaming Jose Canseco for the World series earthquake). I quote Prof. Berri:

If Melo is trades in the next few days (or weeks), the Melo’s new coach can expect the following to happen:

  • Expectations – as Sunnergren argues – will be sky high.
  • The team will fail to meet these expectations (because Melo is really not that productive).
  • The coach will get fired (quicker than he would otherwise be fired).

In sum, any head coach who gets Anthony should be dismayed.  Chances are he won’t be (because I expect most coaches buy the conventional wisdom on scorers like Anthony).  But nevertheless, he should be.

As I read this story, I did some quick math. If this trade goes through, Philly will have done a fantastic job of trading their two best player ( Iggy and Dalambert about 25 Wins produced last season) for Nocioni,Hawes and Melo (about three wins).Quickly calculated, that’s a net of -22 Wins for a 27 win team.Good god! If this actually happens, I may have to apologize to Ted Leonsis. If only I had some way to quickly confirm the possible impact of this trade. Turns out I do. If I re-run the build and switch Melo for Iggy I get:

7.4 Wins. Yikes! Rod Thorn must be out to prove that no one can build a worse roster than him. Denver and their 54 projected wins would be an immediate buy for the over on wins and as a longshot contender to win the West.

Take a second to think it through.

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