Mirror Universe Time Machine take 1

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My Wages of Wins network colleague Andres Alvarez has been doing a super fun series called Time Machine Teams. In it, Andres takes a team’s roster from a given year and allow the team to use the best season from any player’s career.  As you may have heard ( here and here), I did some work around that.

As a result of this I did my own version of the time travel team with my own tweaked rules. I wanted to post it but I didn’t want to step on any toes.

The conversation went as follows:

The Perpetrator: Hey do you mind If at some point I do an alternate Universe Time Travel Teams post? I’d just do the list of best versions of each team without optimization.

Andres:Absolutely! Feel free to just link the landing page for Time Travel teams. If you add or change any rules just note them. When I started doing the series and made the rules I had this secret hope that it would spread as a stats game across the web. Guess this counts as 100% growth 🙂

Done and Done!

Sprinkle one part this

and two parts this (Please no one tell Harlan though)

Mirror Universe Time Machine Rules

  1. One Franchise, One Team, One Ring (and no, not to in the darkness bind them). Except for Charlotte (my game my rules).
  2. I will only use the top ten guys in the rotation by minutes played for the season.You have to have more than a cup of coffee with the team to count. Also because of this:
  3. Minute allocation will not change (at least for this version).
  4. For the top ten players for each team, I will pick their best season in terms of ADJP48 (adjusted for the pace of that season) and multiply by their minutes played for the season in question. This is the Raw Win Production.
  5. Finally,  I will workout the Team Raw win production per 48 minutes played and it is by this I will chose my thirty mirror universe time travel teams.

So without further ado:

The Font is evil on purpose!

Some thoughts on this table. The 98 Bulls and 86 Sixers not surprising. 2010 Dallas (Kidd ,Dirk and Marion) and 2009 Phoenix (Shaq Suns) also not surprising.   Lot’s of 2000 teams on this list( San Antonio,Toronto,Portland,Sacramento, Charlotte). Finally, I am very glad I’m not a Wizards fan.

In a future post, I will simulate the playoffs for my top 16 teams.

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