The Worst 30 NBA teams since the Merger

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In the comments for the previous post (The Best NBA Teams since the merger: Take 1) Reader Chicago Tim asks:

Speaking of which, I would be interested in a list of the 30 worst teams since the merger. No need for a part 2, since none of them made the playoffs.

Given that we love fanservice here and take requests (and I’m getting on a plane in the morning and am short on time) Here’s the worst 30 teams since the merger.

The list is sorted chronologically. Some quick notes:

  • The Clippers show up five times. The Cavaliers three times. Quelle surprise.
  • The worst team of all time is not as previously noted in this blog the 1993 Mavs, it’s the 83 Rockets.
  • The most recent team on this list is the 2003 Cavs , the team that got Lebron. That makes his accomplishments in Cleveland all the more impressive.

Quick note: Happily, I’m on vacation till saturday on a remote tropical Isle with my lovely wife. This may mean I will be unable to post till saturday. C’est la Vie….

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