Evaluating a Four (and a Half) Team Trade

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Multiple team trades in the NBA are not common events. Four team trades are a rarity. Four team trades with a fifth team involved in the periphery are as rare as championships in Cleveland. So today’s Pacers-Hornets-Rockets-Nets with a little Raptors on the side partty presents a unique opportunity to break out my analysis toolbox for a spin.

As always wins are generated using the Wins Produced model. The salary numbers come from Hoophype.

The Principals:

There were seven players involved in the two trades (summarized in the table below):

So the big piece in this trade is Murphy with Ariza and Posey being complementary pieces and Collison being all about potential.

What does it Mean for 2011?:

If I do a quick and dirty projection based on averages for the last 3 years for minutes, weighted averages for ADJP48 and the position adjustments for 2010 reveals:

By team:

  • The Nets are definitely improved. They added a super productive PF to Pair with their productive Center (Lopez) and their rookie PF (Favors) at the cost of a below average SG & $1o million in salary (which is pocket change for their owner). Murphy will be helped by the fact that he can play more minutes at the 4. Grade : A+
  • Indiana traded a productive player away but they have pieces with potential there. They replaced it well particularly if Collison is their starter and they move TJ Ford. They also saved money  Grade : B waiting on the possible TJ Ford trade
  • Houston saved money and cleared some space in their backcourt (hello Chase Budinger). Grade : B
  • Toronto saved money and dumped some bad players. It’s rebuilding time in Canada.Grade : A
  • The Hornets just drove up the price of FreeChrisPaul.com. They saved money yes but they got much worse. Grade : F for Free Chris Paul

Seriously this is going fast!!!!

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