ASLS Vault: Isiah and the folly of the Knicks organization

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Given the stunning news that the New York Knicks have re-hired Isiah Thomas as a consultant


I decided to repost my 7/12 /2010 piece on the subject. Enjoy.

I got up this morning, made myself some breakfast, sat with my lovely wife on the couch and put on ESPN. Then it happened, the news item that shook my faith and made me start choking on my Cream of Wheat. This. Donnie Walsh says Isiah Thomas is a candidate for GM of the Knicks.

After I stopped laughing I started reflecting. All the people who were calling Lebron a coward for not going to the Knicks need to stop, your arguments are all invalid. The Knicks organization is like a battered wife who keeps believing her abusive husband and his claims of changing. It’s actually kind of sad really.

For grins and giggles, I’m going to breakdown exactly how horrible Isiah was for the Knicks. For the sake of this analysis we’ll give him credit for the 05-06,06-07 & 07-08 seasons since he was responsible for putting the roster together. I came up with a nifty system for ranking GMs for the Wages of Win Journal (see here). To summarize here’s how we do it:

1.We calculate the Value per win for a Season= total number of wins available in the regular season (number of teams in the league times 41) and the total amount of money paid to the players (Total Payroll in the league according to USA Today). Here’s what they look like:

  • 2005   $1,351,875.37
  • 2006   $1,347,250.02
  • 2007   $1,478,280.47
  • 2008  $1,610,619.97
  • 2009   $1,755,324.58
  • 2010   $1,730,023.66

2.We calculate the Roster Value by Season. This will be determined by multiplying the number of wins a team achieved (we are using actual wins but one could also use total Wins Produced) by the Value per win for a Season.

3. Finally we calculate GM Value (or GMV), which is simply Roster Value by Season minus a Team’s Payroll.

So how did Isiah look By this metric? His results were:

  • 05-06: $(91,236,928)
  • 06-07: $(65,128,317)
  • 07-08: $(57,751,829)

The full league from 05 to 10 looks as follows:

You’ll note that Isiah was responsible for the three worst values. He, and the Knick organization, were, and perhaps are true outliers. The Clippers have nothing on them.

Really Donnie Walsh, one truck party wasn’t enough?
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