30 to 16 to 1:(Part Deux) An Inglorious Blaze

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30 to 16 to 1. Based on a half baked notion, that since the true goal of any NBA season is to turn thirty teams into one champion and as we saw in my earlier piece, what wins in the regular season is not necessarily what  gets you the trophy, my 2010 Playoff Review series continues.

The Half-Baked Notion:

Simple (based on 2010 numbers):

  • The best two players accounted for 55% of a teams wins in the 2010 Playoffs.
  • The top three players are just below the pareto threshold
  • The next three (4,5,6th man) account for the rest of the positive win contribution about equally.
  • After that everybody else actually hurt teams in the playoffs.

The format will look at the best six players in the playoffs for each team, will look at how many wins their coach/injuries might have cost them and talk about their opportunities/drawbacks going forward (and if they’ve done anything in the off-season to address these). We will go from least productive to most productive team in the Playoff (based on the table that follows now):

This piece covers teams the Blazers (Bulls & Heat get their own post).

An Inglorious Blaze

  • The Storyline: The Portland Trailblazers ended the Kevin Pritchard era not with a bang but a whimper bowing down to injuries and a resurgent Suns team.
  • The Good: Ageless Center Marcus Camby who really deserves another deep playoff run before he retires.
  • The Bad: Everyone else showed up in actual or metaphorical street clothes.
  • The Coach: Not good but defensible. McMillan did not really have many options.
  • Needs: A rabbit’s foot and the Phoenix training staff. Actually with Camby, Aldridge & Oden they could afford to go look for a trade for small forward or guard.
  • Major Moves: Lost Blake to LA (#$%##!#!!). Added Wesley Matthews(which is nice).
  • 2011 Outlook: Middle of the pack in the west with no extra moves. Their Karmic destiny is 1st round loss to Blake and the Lakers at the Rose Garden while Kobe makes a duckface.

Heat & Bulls will follow tomorrow.

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